Where Are Your Thoughts Taking You?

A human lives a thousand thoughts every hour.

Each thought dragging him in a different direction.

Making him feel in a thousand different ways in 60 minutes.

If such is an hour in his day, imagine the chaos his entire life is.

One moment he thinks of the love of his life, next moment he worries about his work.

One moment he is happy in his dreams, next moment he is upset about his past.

Such is the nature of his thoughts. Each one random like the shape of clouds.

With each random thought, his life becomes a living chaos like a feather swirling in the wind.

If he saw the impact of his thoughts, if he realized the madness that’s normalized in humans,

He’d be far more careful of the thoughts playing in his mind.

He’d know it’s not a matter to be taken lightly, because it shapes the very experience of his Life.

And for the first time in life he might question:

Do I even need to live these thoughts? What have they given me in all these years?

The human thinks he lives at the mercy of the universe, while he is actually living at the mercy of his thoughts.

Namaste. 🙏

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